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Electron Beam Welding System Vacuum Equipment

General description:

EBW 25/60 - 4D equipments are a universal machines for electron beam technology. The mechanical andelectrical components are made up of a system of modules and can, therefore, be easily adapted to thevarious processing requirements. A high operating convenience and the great selection of additionalfacilities make chamber machines flexible machine tools for complex welding operations.

Advantages of EBW Technologies:

- Deep penetration welding effect
- Least heat/energy input into the parts and minimum part distortion
- Welding of different materials
- High welding speed
- High process assurance
- Viewing systems: light-optical, electronoptical and video viewing system
- High-voltage power supplies; Fast Response, Closed Loop Beam Current Control
- Data Acquisition System

Detalils on Electron Beam Welding System (PDF file)